Victory Journal


Victory Journal’s landmark 20th issue “Home and Away” approaches collision and spectacle through the lenses of memory of interpretation. We celebrate the maestro Neil Leifer from the hot lights on Ali v. Patterson to the cool control of Carl Lewis mid-air. Experience close encounters with Eto’o and Drogba at the 2008 African Cup of Nations, football in the salted earth of Death Valley, passinho empress Celly IDD in Rio, Yokozuna Teronofuji alone at the top, Lewis Hamilton defying the rules, pack dogs on the Idaho ice, drag racing, wingwalking, water polo, baseball manga, Scottish misconduct and redemption, and yes, by popular demand, rollerblading. From the canvases of Chase Hall and Nikkolos Mohammed, to Kevin Huizenga’s graphic resurrection of the cutthroat world of ’80s semi-pro softball—it’s not only where we turn our gaze, but what we bring with us when we look, and all the reverberations in between.