Victory Journal


Victory Journal’s eleventh issue explores the concept of “Body & Soul,” and what that might mean to people the world over. It’d be easy to argue that both the body and the soul are essential components of a good athlete, but what makes a great one? Whether it’s the homegrown energy of the Green Bay Packers’ fans, the astonishing new places ballerina Misty Copeland is pushing her form, or the powerfully dramatic teamwork at the NCAA women’s volleyball championships, Victory Journal #11 is about what drives humans to compete, train, and achieve peak mental and physical fitness. In the issue, we also travel to Bali to document the annual buffalo race, track the history of the Farmer family’s Appalachian basketball dynasty, and dive deep into the unexpected period when Joe Montana helped transition Tiger Balm from a cult ointment to a globally-renowned healing salve.


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