Victory Editions

THE CHAMP AIN'T HERE by Kellen Hatanaka

"There is something so intriguing about the classic boxing gym — the peeling paint, the handwritten reminders, taped up heavy bags and the iconic posters of past greats that adorn the walls. It is an aesthetically rich subject to study, full of character built by an alumnus of warriors who gave everything they had in that room, day in and day out, to become the greatest version of themselves. In “The Champ Ain’t Here” I study the relationship between the boxer and the gym, examining the determination, sacrifice and discipline of training as well as external pressures to live up to one’s potential. When we watch professional sports we get caught up in the spectacle and tend to think of the athletes as competing super humans with “god given” talent. My painting counters this narrative, presenting the subject at their most vulnerable, making them more human, more relatable. I’m interested in the humanity of sport; the grit, the perseverance, the struggle and the mental toughness it takes to overcome inner battles." — Kellen Hatanaka

50 x 70 cm
18-color screen print 
Edition of 90 numbered and signed with 10 artist proofs
Conqueror Connoisseur Paper, 100% Cotton Soft White, 300g/m2
Printed in Switzerland



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