Victory Journal


The court of Victory Journal 7 is The Main Event, that rare occasion which makes or breaks a season, a career, a life, an epoch, history. This means images of newly minted legendary events (Game Six of the 2013 World Series by Ben Grieme and last year’s Michigan-Ohio State football battle by Anthony Blasko); from one of the world’s oldest continuous competitions (Alessandro Simonetti at Il Palio); and from one of the strangest (Blasko at The Arnold Classic). There are portraits of modern sporting genius (Jonas Wood’s drawings of NBA greats) and timeless beauty (50 years of Pirelli Calendar images). There are stories of defining moments (David Winner’s depiction of the 1974 World Cup Final’s beautiful losers), defining personalities (Macau Grand Prix impresario Teddy Yip), and redefining ideas (futebol’s museum curators). Plus: soccer vinyl, Todd James’ “Soccer Mammas,” and more. Make your mark, while we make ours.